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Cliff_pitchside_at_Sale_Sharks.jpgCliff Eaton

Having qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapists Cliff followed his specialist interest

in Sports medicine. He initially worked with a number of the UK Athletics athletes before moving into his first professional team sport with Leicestershire County Cricket team. During his time with the team they won two county championships. 

His real passion being rugby union he took a part time position with Northampton Saints as the game moved into the professional era. He continued to divide his time between cricket and rugby until 2000 when he was asked to move into rugby full time.

In 2003 he took over the role of Head of Medical Services at Northampton. During his time with the club the medical facilities were considered as the ‘gold standard’ for the rest of the premiership. He continued his professional development by completing a MSc in Sports Injury Management.

He had two papers published on Position Specific Rehabilitation in team sports. He also lectured and advised the RFU on reducing the risk of neck injuries to rugby players. After twelve years working in professional rugby he was tempted by an offer to work with Manchester City FC. 

More recently Cliff has turned his attention to promoting the effective use of electrotherapy. He does this by providing workshops and lectures, especially on Neuromuscular Electro Stimulation and Shockwave, both in the UK and Internationally. The workshops and lectures provide the research evidence to support the use of electrotherapy, as an adjunct, to other therapeutic modalities. 

Practical examples are also provided using Cliff’s many years of experience combining Electrotherapy, Manual therapy and Exercise therapy to expedite the recovery of the athletes he has worked with. To ensure contemporaneous practice and empathy with his peers, he stills maintains a clinical interest working part time in a well respected London clinic.

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